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Common Iphone Faults

If you have an iphone that needs repairing you’ll quickly realise that you can’t take your iphone to just any repairer. Whether it’s an early iphone 2G or the latest broken iphone 4s  you’ll need to find a properly qualified engineer to repair it.

Common damage includes problems with the home button, cracked screens and housing to more complex problems such as charging and software problems and damage due to liquid.

Just about everyone drops their phone at some point! While your phone may continue to work it’s irritating not being able to see the screen properly. It’s also possible that other damage has occurred so it’s sensible to get your iphone thoroughly checked at the same time your screen is replaced; by a qualified repairer of course.

If you’re heavy handed with your iphone it may develop a faulty home button. Typical problems include a semi non-responsive home button.  You may put up with this for a while, but in the end you’ll find it will stop working completely. Best to get it replaced before the button fails when you really need to use it.

It’s not unusual to get liquid on an iphone. This can cause complex problems requiring a thorough investigation. This may result in replacement parts being needed. You can only be sure of getting authorised replacement parts if your iphone is repaired by a firm who can source official iphone components.

Over time you may find that your iphone’s battery fails to charge properly. This kind of problem is usually ignored until the battery only takes a small amount of charge. While it may be the case that you need a replacement battery there could be something more complicated going on with your iphone. Again a specialist repairer will be able to get to the route of the problem.

Software problems are sometimes generated by iphone users – but not always. If you’re getting gliches running aps or the latest operating system it can be difficult to get to the root of the cause. Quick fixes available on the net may cause irreparable damage to your set up. Rather than being tempted to fiddle turn to experts for a permanent, above board solution.

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